Name: Power tools
Material: CrMo steel+Black oxide+Powder paint
Critical requirement: X.Y.Z axis deviation ±0.1°
Process: Cutting+tempering+CNC turning+5axis turning &Milling center+CNC 4axis milling+deburring+FQC+black oxide+masking+powder paint+IQC+Packing+OQC
Name: Power tools
Material: CrMo steel+Carburize
Critical requirement: Spline and shaft processing at the same time, the runout 0.04mm
Process: Tempering+CNC Turning+5axis turning & Milling center(spline)+FQC+Carburize+IQC+ CNC turning(drill deep hole)+FQC+Outer grinding +IQC+Clean+Packing+OQC
Name: Optical
Material: Aluminium 7075-T6+Black hard anodize
Critical requirement: Parallelism and position 0.02mm,need 5axis machine to process
Process: CNC 3axis Milling+CNC 5axis Milling+CNC 3axis Milling+Deburring+FQC+Alodine+IQC+Masking+Hard anodize+IQC+Assembly helicoil+full inspection+packing+OQC
Name: Medeical Equipment Part
Material: Aluminium 6082-T6+Gray anodize10-15um
Critical requirement: verticality 0.01mm
Process: CNC turning+CNC 4axis milling +CNC 4axis milling +CNC 3axis milling+CNC 3axis milling +deburring+FQC+anodize+IQC+packing+OQC
Name: Machine Part
Material: Aluminium7075-T6+hard anodize30um+Teflon
Critical requirement: spiral fluted and coaxial 0.01mm
Process: CNC Multi-tasking turning/Milling center +deburr+FQC+anodize+Teflon+IQC+packing+OQC
Name: Medical equipment part
Material: Titanium + Electropolish
Critical requirement: complex and long hole tolerance 0.01mm
Process: CNC turning+ CNC 4axis milling+honing+manual polish+deburr+FQC+electropolish+IQC+packing+OQC
Name: Microwave & Telecom component
Material: Aluminium6082-T6 extrusion profile+ nature chromate
Critical requirement: Flatness0.05mm, side hole position0.01mm
Process: CNC milling+CNC milling+ CNC 4axis milling+ deburr+FQC+chromate+IQC+packing+OQC
Name: Fluid control accessories
Material: SUS316L+passivate
Critical requirement: Inner hole tolerance 0.015mm;hole position at side 0.025mm;high require for the top thread, need to measure the thread pitch, reference circle diameter, outer diameter, and thread angle.
Process: CNC turning+Multi-tasking CNCturning/milling
Name: Automation accessories
Material: Alloy steel 4340+hardening
Critical requirement: complex and slot cutting on the round side
Process: CNC turning+CNC turning+ CNC 4axis milling+deburr
Name: Assembly part
Material: Aluminium profile +stainless steel part +rivets+nut+disc springs
Critical requirement: revit tightly without gap and distort, test spring force after assembly
Process: assembly+ testing+FQC+laser marking+IQC+packing+OQC
Name: Financial system
Material: Metal+Electronics+plastics…ect more than 1000
different kinds of material
finished product assembly and testing
for European customer
Process: basic assembly+ sub-assembly+ test level 1/2+module
assembly+test level 3+finished assembly+ final testing
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